Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm back! With a vengeance...

It’s been a long ol’ while since I’ve been able to write a blog post, and for this, dear readers, I can only apologise sincerely.

Yarn yarn yarn yarn!
 I have, however, been really rather busy, both at GBY and with my mum [yes we finally finished the shop] (and of course that dank old rag I call my social life). It has been lovely to be able to meet and speak with some of my adoring fans, and by that I mean, it has been nice to meet some of you who admit to reading the blog, and those who dared say they enjoyed it. My ego has been swelling nicely ever since, so my eternal gratitude goes out to you.

My knitting has been coming along in leaps and bounds, and I have attended a lace workshop, WoolFest and learnt to do cables all in my long absence from blogging. 

Foolishly, I have neglected to take pictures of some of my finished projects, but know that I have been immensely happy with the result. I have found the book 'The Knitted Odd-Bod Bunch' by Donna Wilson to be a hearty companion in times of stifled creativity.

My current project is a pair of cabled legwarmers for my newest niece. I’m using Debbie Bliss’ Baby Cashmerino, which seems to have the current monopoly on all things soft. It is a joy to knit with, and the slight gloss that comes in the wool makes the cables look about fifty times more impressive than they probably are. I am by no means the final word on the subject, but as this is my first cabled project, I feel like they’re looking pretty good and that makes me happy inside.
I am the Queen of lace!!
Let’s backtrack a moment, and we’ll dwell on my brilliance in conquering the lace workshop! Okay, okay, it wasn’t totally my brilliance, it was a combination of good cake, good teaching and a whole heap of patience that had me knitting lace by the end of one day. All round I was incredibly impressed with the result. Recently, we’ve been having a lot of mind-mapping sessions, thinking about new workshops and courses we can run, and all I am at liberty to say at this present time is how darn exciting they are all going to be! There seem to be many new things in the pipeline for everyone, and this fills with me with joy.
I am 100% NOT lying when I tell you I definitely did this. DEFINITELY.
Anyway, I must dash as there are dogs to be walked and tans to top up in this rare but oh-so-gratifying British sunshine, but know that I have far from deserted you, dear reader.

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  1. That beading looks really cool! I think that's a technique I'll definitely have to try in 2013.