Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Give Peas A Chance.

The Saturday just gone was a day of progress and a day of breakthrough. The glorious spring sunshine had spilled over into my wonderful country garden, and I couldn’t resist bringing my knitting outside with me to try and tackle something I’ve been wrestling with for a while.

The undeniably gorgeous weather that led me gardenward.
  Before I even began knitting, before I even knew what a purl stitch was, I fell head over heels with Amigurumi. I persuaded my mum to buy a few books, in the hope that she would be as encompassed as me and would want to knit me some of the adorable creations that lined the pages. Alas, my mother didn’t, and as soon as I had a basic grasp of knitting, I dug a few of the books out of my mum’s ‘to read’ pile. Which, I might add, was not an easy feat, the tower stretches over a metre high, and is made of rather heavy cooking and knitting books. 

Apparent book-related danger aside, I’ve always had an affectation with all things Japanese, from manga to sushi, it seems I can’t get enough. Flicking through the book, I wanted to attempt something small. In my na├»ve mind, I thought that smaller things would be easier to do. Oh, how wrong I was.

When you’re not a confident user of double-pointed needles, it is recommended that you steer well clear of things that require you to split six stitches between three needles and work from there. I did not heed this advice. It is extremely difficult, endlessly frustrating, and hopelessly fiddley. So, for the past few months, when I had been feeling particularly dextrous, I’ve had a go at following the pattern in this book to make this tiny bird.
Photo from [http://www.flickr.com/photos/kathrynivy/4800103514/]
  Looks simple enough, right? Well, until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know how to use DPNs properly. I meant well, but I’m pretty sure that, should my attempts have been at a public knitting event, many tears would have been shed due on account of my lack of form and general ignorance. I was essentially just tying some yarn to three sticks. Thanks to the workshop, I have a new found confidence, and this led me to pick up pattern and yarn on this sunny Saturday just past. 

I’m not going to lie to you; I undid and redid it about 6 times. I deviated from the pattern in ways that I couldn’t explain to you even if I tried, but, finally, I came out with something that resembled my end goal.

My Hap-Pea! You have no idea how many pea-related puns I'm sitting on right now.
You're exceedingly lucky that in this entire post I've only used 2.

The yarn is an unfortunate colour for a bird to be, so instead, I have made a pea. Out of what yarn, nobody knows. I found it attached to some vintage needles in my house and decided to pinch it and breathe some new, vegetabley life into it. I have no shame in admitting that it is stuffed with the filling from my dog’s bed, which fortuitously for me, had been ripped open a week previous. I have, however, found a glorious free pattern for tiny pigeons, made out of one of my favourite yarns, Knit Pick's Palette. I'm definitely going to attempt this soon.

I cannot convey the joy and pride that has resulted from such a silly little creation. I hope to hone my Amigurumi skills over many more projects, and hopefully one day, actually make the bird I was supposed to!


  1. Have fun! Little things drive me crazy. I could just about manage the tiny bees that I made for the Eddie Izzard swap, but I'm knitting a robot for Harry at the moment and it's all fiddly little bits that I need to sew together, hate it! Give me a sock any day :-)

    1. A robot sounds awesome!

      Once I got it done it was super satisfying, ergo super addictive.

      Bumble bees sound like a sweet idea!

  2. CUTE LITTLE PEA! I love him so much :) Okay now I am going to give you a link that will change your life forever:


    Home of the best Japanese dramas in the world! Be careful because you will get addicted to watching them and not get anything else done! Some I would recommend:





    You probably weren't expecting this from a small town country girl!

    1. Haha I'll check these out when I get the chance.

      Country bumpkins like us need this kind of culture to keep us going.

      Hope you're enjoying the eggs!!